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Scadding Minesite

Scadding Township, East Wahnapitae, Ontario


Trueclaim has an option to acquire up to a 100% interest in the Scadding Gold Property located in Scadding Township. This property consists of seven contiguous mining leases containing a total of 56 mining claims.

The Scadding Mine reportedly produced approximately 914 kg of gold from 150,000 tonnes (t) of ore grading 7.2 g/t Au between 1984 and 1990.  


Since the initial discovery in 1973, five zones of gold mineralization have been identified: the North, Central, South, East-West and the New Zone. Shallow open pits are found in the North, East-West and South Zones while the Central Zone was exploited to about 110 metres below surface.

Mineralization is hosted by structurally controlled chloritic breccia within the Serpent Formation. The Serpent quartzite has become brecciated and chloritic material has in filled the spaces between the fragments. Gold is found within the chloritic matrix and is often associated with pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite and magnetite. The pictures below demonstrate the nature of the mineralization.

The Phase 1 program conducted in late 2009 and early 2010 consisted of 30 NQ drill holes totalling 3,275 metres.

The best grading hole in this program was TRM-10-07 in the North zone which graded 12.9 g/t across 19.29 metres. The use of Surpac, a three dimensional modelling software was acquired by the Company half-way through the phase 1 drilling program. This program was instrumental in targeting the mineralized zones encountered. A three dimensional model of the mineralized breccia was created, as seen below. This allows the geological team to accurately target zones of interest, areas that need to be in filled or the direction in which zones can be expanded. It would appear that the down plunge potential of all the zones has not been totally evaluated to date since most drill holes are less than 100 metres in length. During the summer of 2010, a geological mapping program around the former mine site was followed up with stripping, washing, channel sampling and assaying at nine selected sites.

While mapping trenches a grid was painted on the outcrop and magnetic susceptibility readings were taken on the grid. Places showing higher magnetic readings were sampled, along with chlorite showing higher sulphide content. This revealed an apparent correlation of higher gold values with anomalous magnetic areas.





The Phase 2 drilling program began in January of 2011. There were several goals established for the program. The allocation of the drilling budget is as follows:

(1.) Delineation of the north zone to bring the area into compliance. (3000m)

(2.) Expansion and exploration of the South Zone (1500m)

(3.) Expansion and exploration of the New Zone (1000m)

(4.) Expansion and exploration of the E-W Pit (1500m)

(5.) Exploration outside of known zones (1000m)

To date we have completed drilling in both the South Zone and the New Zone. The drill is currently drilling delineation holes in the north zone.

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