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Johnson Road Showing

Scadding Township, East Wahnapitae, Ontario


The Johnson Road showing was a historical trench re-discovered by Trueclaim Prospectors. The geology consists of quartz veining and iron carbonate with minor associated pyrite. This area has been stripped, mapped and channel sampled. This style of alteration appears to be similar to that of the Red Rock Mine, which is a nearby, past producing gold mine. The trench map below shows that the altered vein occurs along the contact between the Espanola Formation and the Serpent Formation, which is where the Scadding Mine Site occurs.

The Shouinard Alteration zone was discovered in 2010 by Guy Shouinard. The area consists of a significant area of albite alteration and associated areas of euhedral porphyroblastic iron carbonate rhombs. Significant massive bull quartz veining was also noted. Similar euhedral porphyroblastic iron carbonate rhombs were also noted around the Scadding Mine area. A significant amount of quartz boulders were found in the field on surface in the area as well as numerous other pits located nearby. This area requires follow up mapping and sampling to determine its potential.

Channel samples returned no anomalous assay values.

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