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Corporate Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Trueclaim is committed to the concept of sustainable development. This requires balancing good stewardship in the protection of human health and the natural environment with the need for economic growth. Diligent application of technically proven and economically feasible environmental protection measures will be exercised throughout our exploration, mining, processing and decommissioning activities to meet the objectives of legislation and to ensure the adoption of best management practices.

Learning Environment

At Trueclaim we never stop learning. To that end, the Company supports all efforts by the Trueclaim team to learn as much as possible about the business we are in; to improve their skills within the Company, and their opportunities in life.

Do The Right Thing

Uniting everything we do within Trueclaim is a passion for doing the right thing. For one another, for our customers and suppliers, for our shareholders, and the community at large. It is not always easy, and not always perfect, but if we strive for that end, we will make a positive difference in all that we do.
Trueclaim Exploration Inc. strives to be recognized as a global leader in sustainable mining by supporting the communities where we operate; by protecting and enhancing the environment at every opportunity; and creating a great place to work for all of our employees.

Latest News

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September 12, 2016

Trueclaim closes acquisition of Northern Skye

Trueclaim closes acquisition of Northern Skye Trueclaim Exploration Inc (2) (C:TRM) Shares Issued 21,305,588Last Close 9/12/2016 $0.04Monday September 12 2016 - News Release Mr. Byron Coulthard reports TRUECLAIM EXPLORATION ANNOUNCES COMPLETION OF ACQUISITION…
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April 22, 2014

Trueclaim Announces Share Consolidation

Also Announces Cancellation of Previously Announced Private Placement and Debt Settlement and New Private Placement TRUECLAIM EXPLORATION INC. (the “Company”) today announces that, as approved by shareholders at its annual general and special meeting held on…
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April 10, 2014

Trueclaim Announces The Signing Of A Definitive Agreement To Develop The Scadding Tailings Project

TRUECLAIM EXPLORATION pleased to announce it has entered into a private company to develop the Scadding Tailings.The agreement provides that SRMI will fund the development, process equipment, and operation of the project. Trueclaim will be entitled to…


Scadding Property, Canada



Gila County, USA



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Investor Relations
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Trueclaim Explorations Inc. strives to be recognized as a global leader in sustainable mining by supporting the communities where we operate


The Company follows four universal values: Teamwork, Environmental Responsibility, Learning Environment & Do The Right Thing